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ABS Cylinders

The unique patented technology of this ABS cylinder makes it the most secure cylinder on the market.

It is pick resistant, bump resistant and impenetrable by snapping which is the most common attack used by burglars today.

This lock passed the PAS024 testing with flying colours and due to the unique way it prevents access to the internal lock mechanism, it requires no additional security devices, such as security handles or cylinder guards, to prevent burglary from snapping in Chelmsford and Basildon Essex.

Every other euro profile cylinder on the market is vulnerable to burglary attack by snapping of the cylinder, because once snapped, the central cam of the door cylinder comes away leaving the internal mechanism of the door accessible to the burglar. All other snap resistant door cylinders try to stop the burglar snapping the cylinder, however with the forces generated using standard tools such as mole grips or a claw hammer, it is virtually impossible to stop cylinder snapping. Therefore this lock has been designed to overcome burglary attacks by not giving access to the lock mechanism. If the door is attacked, the cylinder snaps from the outside, the cam is retained solidly in position which blocks access to the internal mechanism of the door lock. The ABS snap secure cylinder lock keeps the burglar out and in the vast majority of cases it can still be operated from the inside of the property after the external portion has been removed.

The ABS cylinder also uses double pins - a pin within a pin - in each position to make bumping virtually impossible. It also has an extra pin in a random position that sits across the shear line but is not touched by the key, this means it can't be bumped by the key. This pin is drawn in the opposite direction to the other pins by a magnet, which means that to be able to bump this cylinder, eight individual pins, some inside others, have to be bumped in one direction and the magnetically drawn pin in the other. Also in order to bump a lock you have to have a key blank that fits the lock in order to make a bump key. ABS keys are different to normal cylinder keys and key blanks are not supplied to anybody.

The Avocet ABS cylinder has achieved BSI Kite Mark accreditation and is also a police preferred 'Secured By Design' approved product.

The cylinders are kite marked which stands for quality and safety. This means it has been independently tested, audited on a regular basis and will perform to that consistent quality every time.

In order to make the ABS locks as secure as possible, so to ensure maximum security, extra keys can only be ordered direct from Avocet. You will receive a key code card and once you have registered your keys, extra keys can only be sent to the registered key holder at their address. This means if someone 'borrows' your keys they cannot get a copy cut.

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Upvc Door Repairs

We specialize in Multi point systems which are used in most of today's upvc type doors, From full system change to faulty gearboxes, Handles or Lock Cylinders.

If you find your handle getting stuck or very tight while trying to double lock your upvc door! Early adjustment or repair can prevent the upvc multi point breaking. A broken upvc multi point in the locked position can be very time consuming and expensive to repair. Call for a free no obligation survey of your upvc door lock today!

We can supply and fit the following brands of upvc multipoint locking systems, Lockcases and Gearboxes: ABT, AGB, Avocet, Azbe, Cego, Coldseal, Corbin, ERA, Fab & Fix, Ferco GU, Fix, Fix Asgard, Fuhr, Fullex, Gridlock, GU, Kenrick/Excalibur, KFV, Lockmaster/Paddock, Maco, Mila, Mila Evolution, Mila master, Millenco, Roto, Safeware, Scope, Securistyle, Sobinco, Technal, Ucem, Union/Everest, Vitawin, Weru, Wilka, Winkhaus, Yale.


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